FDA Hoses

This hose is made for dry food transfer systems such as flour, grains and rice. Hoses are available from 1 1/2” inside diameter through 6”.  This hose is a polyurethane lined smooth bore hose that is designed to dissipate static electricity when properly grounded.  We fabricate custom hose assemblies to control vibration and connect between stainless steel lines.  This hose has custom made stainless steel sleeves and will connect to your existing lines.

610W Bulk Commodity

Recommended for: For moving large quantities of dry food products via pneumatic transfer, 610W fills the bill. With a tube and cover of natural rubber, it handles flour and other dry foods where an FDA sanitary hose is required.

690SB Bulk Commodity

Recommended for: With its natural rubber components, steel wire helix reinforcement, and corrugated cover, 690SB is ideal for the bulk transfer of food products such as flour, sugar, syrup, and edible grains where a strong, flexible, FDA sanitary tube is required. It can be used in suction, pneumatic, or gravity systems. NOTE: Not recommended for vinegar, mustard, or other compounds containing acetic acid.

Brew Master®

Recommended for: With its proprietary Sanitron™ tube, Brew Master is the ideal choice for beer, ale or water based products requiring an FDA sanitary hose. It won't discolor beverages and won't impart any unusual taste or odor. It's also easy to handle and reinforced to resist crushing and kinking. Just what the brew master ordered.

Food & Beverage Master®

Recommended for: Featuring a glass-smooth Sanitron tube, Food & Beverage Master industrial hose is ideal for the transfer of a range of products including milk, juices, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and waterbased products that require an FDA sanitary hose. It is also suitable for many dry bulk products via suction, pneumatic, or gravity transfers where a sanitary hose is required.


Stamped Method
By utilizing the STAMPED method; Size, Temperature, Application, Material conveyed, Pressure, Ends, and Delivery -- We can insure you get the right product every time.


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