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Uni-BioFuel 100 Composite Hose

G-High Tensile Galvanized Carbon Steel Inner Helix
G-High Tensile Galvanized Carbon Steel Outer Helix

Uni-Chem PG Composite Hose

Uni-Chem PG Composite hose is designed for in-plant liquid transfer operations as well as tank truck delivery and rail car loading. Constructed with multiple plies of polypropylene films and polyester vapor barriers, these hoses can be operated at positive pressure or full suction.

Uni-FLON HD™ - High Temperature Composite Hose

Uni-FLON HD™ is designed as an upgraded version of Novaflex’s standard Uni-FLON™ except that it has a temperature rating of 350°F (177°C).

Uni-FLON™ Special Chemical Service Composite Hose

Uni-FLON™ special chemical service composite hoses are built to meet the demands of today’s highly aggressive media. Superior chemical resistance is achieved with a PTFE, inner liner, reinforced with multiple plies of polyester and polypropylene films.

Uni-Oil GG Composite Hose

Uni-oil GG composite hoses are ideal for transfer of media from storage tanks and process piping to rail cars or tank trucks.

Uni-Zene Composite Hose

Uni-Zene Composite Hoses are a combination of polyamide, polyester and polypropylene film and fabrics. Special service petroleum hose is designed to handle modern gasoline additives such as MTBE, ethanol and 100% benzene.


Stamped Method
By utilizing the STAMPED method; Size, Temperature, Application, Material conveyed, Pressure, Ends, and Delivery -- We can insure you get the right product every time.


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